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Mozambique Retreat

18 Aug 2024, 6:00 pm

Kwalala Lodges - Nacala Bay, Mozambique

About the event

In August 2024 I'm leading a 9-day adventure and creative development training in Mozambique. 

The structure for the course is a journey into your darkness and then through the other side into your light. A Katabasis if you like (Intentional descent into hell by the living with the intention to return alive.) The theme is coming home to yourself. You were born pure spirit and we will all return to that state. Can it be done before you die? 


The further you travel into your greatness the more it serves you to know your darkness. It's all about stretching your awareness of what time horizon you are stuck on. When you are in a crisis, your time horizon is very narrow. Just on the crisis. When you are in your creator your time horizon is infinite making a crisis insignificant by comparison. In this context your darkness is no threat. The first 3-4 days we’ll do a deep dive into beliefs with ways to see and understand their impact.

The next 3-4 days will be your light and true nature and purpose. We will explore your values and what resonates with your heart in terms of energy and resources spent. 


By the end you will be comfortable talking about both your shame and your greatness with the same emotional stability and thus better equipped to see your ego when it comes up and refocus on your passion easily sharing your vision for the year, decade and life. 

In addition to the advanced masterclasses there will be Humpback whalewatching, snorkelling, visiting markets, relishing picnics beneath baobabs and relaxing dailysundowners around the pool. We will be sampling the legacy of Portuguese cooking and ofcourse exploring the blue caves. Join me, Guy Thornycroft for an adventure of a lifetime.

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