This is a special for graduates of create your destiny training

If you have completed the 6 week Online training with William Whitecloud called Create your Destiny then I know you will be wonderful to work with.

For this reason I offer you a special opportunity to continue your journey in this amazing work. 


How does this work?


For 2020 you can work with me for a set fee of $125/week* that will include:

  • An hour per week 1:1 for the first 6 weeks to set up powerful choices

  • Accountability to keep you focused on them

  • Support while you learn to live with tension

  • Work on specific choices to build momentum

  • Celebration & acknowledgement of success

  • An hour 1:1 every fortnight from around the 7th week on

  • Update and development of more choices as you grow

  • Learning advanced techniques to use your Superconscious daily

  • Learning to deal with emotions and beliefs more effectively

  • SOS service for when you are in a crisis and need to refocus urgently

Contact me now to start

by email:

phone: 0416 255 832

*Invoiced monthly in advance and

*Place confirmed by 5pm 10th July 2020 (limited places available) 

*First two weeks trial period to ensure we can work together

*2 month commitment/notice period after the first 6 weeks

+61 416255832

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