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Tiffany B

Guy has helped me create the life of my dreams. From a solo business owner to now owning a global, multi million dollar business employing 100+ staff, Guy helped me transform every aspect of my life giving me deep meaning and purpose.


I finally figured it out: Guy is a Hero! In the most practical sense: with a clear heart, he uses his (profound) gifts for others. I'm continually amazed and inspired by Guy's patience and generosity. He holds me accountable gently, but in such a way that I only ever act from my own motivation. He's also taught me solid structures to direct my creative power with precision. Every area of my life that we’ve worked on has improved, even if we’ve only touched on it, and I simply feel more content, empowered and excited.

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Ivan V

Working with Guy has allowed me to become curious. It’s a deceptively simple thing to write but it implies the resolve to question and have the space to explore. Guy keeps that space so expansively open. I am most thankful for this opportunity to make an investment in my growth as an entrepreneur, and contributor. I’m excited for the adventures to come.


Prior to coaching with Guy, I spent 7 years waking with dread about running my business, no cash and not sure of who I was becoming. This nightmare has completely stopped. Guy is incredibly insightful and accurate, and so profound in his ability to bring me back in to power.  He is remarkable with his patience, lack of judgement, deep compassion and warm style of bringing the very best out of me.

Angus Robb-web apt.jpg

Angas R

I am honestly blown away in each session by my own power and so grateful to have been shown how to access what has been inside me this whole time. Guy has helped me move into a creative vision of what I would love and take action to move forward from there. He has a direct, no-bullshit way of calmly and professionally allowing me to figure out my own challenges. Working with Guy has been a profoundly transformative experience from the start.


Phillipa T

I 1000% recommend Guy. I am so happy my intuition led me to him when doing the CYD course during early CoViD. I was trying to hold down a full time job and also move forward with my creative pursuits, but the latter was not happening. Guy helps to remind me of my vision and, most importantly, take ACTION!!! He is pragmatic and no nonsense, which is good with my motor mouth, but beautifully intuitive and empathic at the same time. He really does Know - I am very grateful he is part of my journey, reminding me my World is my choice!

Bev R


Guy is warm and empathetic and very skilled at what he does. Our coaching sessions feel like a gift to myself where I get to refocus on understanding who I am and what I want out of life, so I can keep moving towards the things I love and value. 


Josie B

Working with Guy has been invaluable. I have experienced profound changes that have been both subtle and 4-x-2-on-the-back-of-the-head revelations. I have gone from directionless and vague in my career, and relationships, to being on a mission, and reinforcing strong, nourishing connections with my friends, family, and partner. I am so excited about the progress I have made and am going to make. Without doubt, I would still be floundering without Guy's counsel. Guy is truly The Guy To Know when you want your life to exceed your expectations! He facilitates without preaching and his influence simply leads me back to myself and my truth. I look forward to our sessions together with anticipation. I always feel uplifted, energised and ready to tackle the next move. I cannot recommend Guy highly enough.


The structures and systems Guy utilises get his client to the bottom of complex challenges as well as creative solutions. He is grounded in his approach yet remains open to infinite possibility. Guy's ability to graciously guide and his large capacity to hold space for me is something I am eternally grateful for.

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Tony M

Guy is the Best! He has helped steer me to focus on my higher self, create succinct but powerfully resonating choices, and keep me accountable to my choices, and the measurable steps to achieve them. The outcomes in my life have been transformational in my relationships, health and career. I would happily recommend him to anyone who wants to realise their true potential.

Tanya Freisler.jpg

Tanya F

My life had systematically dismantled. Guy gave me the strategy and tools to refocus my energy on creating the future I want. I’ve gone from crisis to feeling empowered in next to no time and I’m so pleased to be working with him. I'd say get in contact right away, for sure.

Tess B.jpg

Tess B

From daily panic and anxiety ruling my life, Guy has taught me life is an adventure that shouldn't be rushed. It's ALL part of the experience and delight of living. I'm back in control and loving it.



Guy is not only "The Guy to Know”, Guy is a great guy to know: a generous, gentle, gifted, on occasion gregarious, but never garrulous guy. Guy is also a gifted guide and I have deep gratitude for our sessions together. If you want to expand your horizons to the outer reaches of your imagination and explore your core to the deepest levels in order to take ownership, and fully accept that you are the author of the amazing story that is your life... Then let Guy be your companion on that journey because he really is in the know.

Glenda-web apt.jpeg

This work has been vital in setting up my new business. I have gained confidence in my decision making and choices. I feel centred and focused. After each session with Guy, I feel empowered and excited about life, and what I can create, and share with my family, friends, and community. Guy has taught me key lessons in the art of communication and also kindness to myself. Guy is completely generous with his sharing of knowledge and experiences. His accompanying honesty is invaluable.


Guy provided so much clarity, value and practical support to help me feel like I was making progress! Before I met him, I understood a lot of the theory of the CYD course but didn’t have as good a grasp on the practicality of tuning in and taking action on my Superconscious. I value him and his work so dearly.

Tania M-cropped.jpg

Tania M

Guy has been a huge part of my success and with his guidance I am able to continue to open up new doors and remain in my genius. 

This work has allowed me to connect with my heart and lead me to starting my own business. Guy’s ability to hold me accountable to make my choices every day and ensure they are true to my heart, shows his genuine care in my success. One of my choices is to be the universal voice and symbol of hope for those impacted by an incurable disease, and it is through my coaching sessions with Guy that I have been able to notice when my underlying beliefs distract me from going for my heart.


Nerina M

Working with Guy, the boundaries of my world have just shifted and I can reach out and touch them. I can wrap my arms around them and embrace the enormity of them with ease. The possibilities are no longer overwhelming nor out of reach.

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