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Allow me to help you master your destiny.

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You see the truth clearly.

You know instantly what to do and say.

You have the full range of options leading to what you really want.

 The path to mastering your destiny includes:


  • Learning tools that clarify what you really want

  • Tools to improve your business processes and profitability

  • Understanding why you are not there already

  • Setting up choices and structures to get you what you want fast

  • Accountability to keep you focused

  • Rapid momentum towards specific goals

  • Powerful intuitive development

  • Support while you learn to live with tension

  • Access to advanced group practice sessions and challenges

  • Updating and developing your choices as you grow

  • Celebrating and acknowledging your successes

  • Access to an SOS service for when you need to refocus urgently

My services revolve around meeting one-to-one,

at times that work for you, in a confidential and

safe environment.

These meetings are a combination of learning,

sharpening your intuition, developing structures

and planning action.


At the end of each session you're given a full set

of notes including the action steps we created together. 

All of this is one-to-one. No prerecorded advice or being part of a crowd.

I teach you how to transition to self-mastery with the click of your fingers. My objective is to develop your independence and self-reliance.

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What does this cost?

  • 1-2 hour sessions each fortnight

  • SOS Emergency Recalibration Service

$600 per week 

Paid monthly as a retainer, PLUS GST, 3 month minimum,
places limited by availability and compatibility.

Price changes after you attend a free Natural Success training. 

I'd love to work with you if you agree to take the next available Create Your Destiny (CYD) training, but we can get started right away.

Natural Success is committed to helping 1 million people learn the basics of these life-changing skills for FREE. CYD is the first course in the Natural Success curriculum and gives you the tools you need to get cracking in creating the life your heart desires.

Get in touch and I'll let you know when the next CYD training is running. You'll be learning and practicing these transformational skills in next to no time.

Add me 
to the waiting list for Create Your Destiny! 

Create Your Destiny is a FREE, 5 day online course.

What's in the Create Your Destiny (CYD) course?

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Create Your Destiny (CYD) gives you specific,

step by step strategies to trigger an intuitive state

then extract precise, usable information.

You'll learn how to to move forward with your intuition,

toward the life that you love and your heart yearns for.

"CYD is not for the faint-hearted.

You will be confronted by your beliefs,

but discover your heart and purpose."

It will change the way you live and how you experience

your goals, results, and relationships.

Arrange a first meeting with Guy

Let's talk about what you'd like to achieve. I'll send you my diary to pick a time that works for us both. 

Looking forward to talking soon!
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