Delighted Clients

I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives.
Client experience speaks for its self.

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Tanya Freisler

“My life had systematically dismantled.  Guy gave me the strategy and tools to refocus my energy on creating the future I want. I’ve gone from crisis to feeling empowered in next to no time and I’m so pleased to be working with him. I'd say get in contact right away, for sure.”

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Tiffany Bowtell

“Guy has helped me create the life of my dreams. From a Solo business owner to now owning a global multi million dollar business employing over 100+ staff. Guy has helped me transform every aspect of my life giving me deep meaning and purpose”

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Nerina Matten

"Working with Guy, the boundaries of my world have just shifted and I can reach out and touch them. I can wrap my arms around them and embrace the enormity of them with ease. The possibilities are no longer overwhelming nor out of reach."

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Tess Bourke

"From daily panic and anxiety ruling my life Guy has taught me life is an adventure that shouldn't be rushed. 

It's ALL part of the experience and delight of living. I'm back in control and loving it."